Bubbling, it’s creativity, innovation, performance, expertise and difference. But Bubbling is also a creative agency with human values. Discover our team! 

Le Gourou.

The Guru is none other than The Creator. Both reckless and learned, he would be able to build Rome in a day.


An industrial engineer in packaging and a mathematic lover, Salomé naturally follow the Guru in the creation of the Bubbling empire.

Le Sage.

Laurent’s point of view belong to himself, his 3D design attest it.

Le Ninja.

Going from shadow to light (on Photoshop), this master graphic artist is called Cedric.

The Kid.

Bryan’s job is to open the doors of the Web, otherwise known as “Heaven”, to our loyal customers.

The Voice.

Artist and strategist, it is in the digital world that Romane finds her creative freedom. One rule : smart content is key!

Maybe You.

Do you want to join a team of strong characters, with human values and a particularly developed taste for innovation, creativity and expertise? Send us your CV at