Just in time.

Of course, History is imperfect … But we couldn’t be everywhere! We still wanted to share with you the moments when we intervened.

The Origin

Birth of the man so Bubbling

At the beginning, man was created to make peace and give life to offspring but it was without counting on The Guru who just created Bubbling and it fucking rocks !

Jason Christ

1 Day before J.C.

The little cross-shaped logo, a nice toga in the brand’s colours and flying shoes as a goodie? Yes, it was The Ninja. He created the branding of Jesus Christ and hopefully because the client wanted to call him Jason.

The Invention Of The Printing

Around 1454 more or less...

Gutenberg’s first printing was full of mistakes, what an illiterate man. But fortunately the ingenious woman was there! It is said that she even improved the printing machine.

Romane Can Do It

Exactly in 1943

If The Voice had not intervened to create the “We Can Do It” poster, the story would clearly not have been the same… Slogan, attitude, choice of colours, these are the combinations that have turned this poster into a modern day icon!

A big step for the Wisdom

20th July 1969 - 22h56 UTC

The interpretation of a picture depends on who is looking at it… Keep it a secret, but it was actually The Wise Man who took the first step on the Moon. Armed with his courage and his camera, he had the chance to immortalise this mythical moment in history!

At the heart of Innovation

Introducing the first Macintosh

We worked with Steve Jobs to develop the first Macs. Well, after that it was just an extra for the photo. He looked lonely otherwise and the composition wasn’t great without The Kid…